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Office of Intercollegiate Services


Privacy and confidentiality statement for intercollegiate surveys


The Colleges’ participation in this survey is voluntary. The College is entitled to ask at any time that part or all of the data and information provided may be deleted or destroyed.  If you have any questions about this survey please email


Management of personal data

The Office of Intercollegiate Services (OIS) is committed to protecting the personal data and privacy of members of the Colleges.  When compiling and issuing the outputs from intercollegiate surveys, our policy is to  take all necessary steps to ensure that personal data provided by a College is processed fairly and lawfully, and that the outputs contains as little identifiable personal data as possible.

OIS does not sell, rent or exchange any personal data supplied by a College to any third party (including other Colleges), unless consent has been given at the time of data collection or otherwise with the permission of the College.

All of the information that you provide will be treated as confidential and will only be used for the purposes of conducting the survey and producing the outputs.  OIS does not use any of the information you provide for direct marketing or other activities.




The information the College provides in this survey is treated by OIS as confidential, unless the information is or becomes generally available to a wider audience by the College through other means. 


Equally, the intercollegiate outputs are to be considered as confidential information by the College, unless it is agreed between the participants to make those outputs more generally available through other means (e.g. publication on the public OIS website).  In addition, the College should refrain from making any public announcements concerning the intercollegiate survey and its outputs.


Otherwise, the College and OIS agree to restrict the information relating to this survey to members of the College and its agents, and only where they have a genuine need to know the information, except where the information is required to be disclosed as required by law or regulation.  For the avoidance of doubt, a request to the College for the intercollegiate survey outputs under the Freedom of Information Act shall require the agreement of the commissioning body (most usually a sub-committee of the Bursars’ Committee).


The outputs of the intercollegiate survey should not be retained or copied by the College unless it is deemed strictly necessary by the College to do so: OIS retains copies of the outputs, which can be provided on request.