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Data Protection Statement templates

On this page, you will see a range of data protection statement templates issued to Colleges: these will be added to as others are developed.

The intention is that Colleges will, on a single website, host a number of separate statements depending on the nature of the “data subject” and their relationship to the Colleges.  Some people may therefore have more than one statement that applies to them.

All of the statements include:

  • contextual notes as comments (which of course should be deleted prior to publication);
  • areas highlighted in yellow (where Colleges will have to tailor the statement).

Two of the statements (for alumni and students) additionally have a separate guidance note, to reflect their complexity. 

It is anticipated that the templates will take Colleges 90% of the way there: they should be completed using the results of the personal data audit, paying particular attention to local College policies on retention times.  Care should be taken to include additionally any processing not included in the statement.

The templates have been designed carefully to ensure that they comply with the requirements of the GDPR and particularly the requirements to notify data subjects of a range of matters.  any comments or questions about the templates should be directed to Dr Matthew Russell, who has also offered to review completed statements if requested.

Colleges should also consider setting in place cycles of review for the statements, and maintaining version control going forward.